Strauss Adjustable Knee Support, Free Size (Black)

Have you always had trouble finding a comfortable but solid bracing for you knee? The Strauss Knee Support bracing is manufactured using the most durable neoprene, allowing for the knee to experience maximum compression. This offers the wearer more relief and reduces wear and tear. The knee support was built with both comfort and purpose in mind, being so comfortable that you won't even know it's there. It also accelerates the healing process for minor injuries such as twisted knees and sprains.

This is what makes the Strauss Knee Support such an excellent addition to your gym wear. You can easily avoid potential injuries from strenuous work outs by putting on a suitable knee support like this one. It'll fend off injuries and diminish the wear and tear from workouts.

The Strauss Knee Support is a great accessory to possess, if only for the inevitable need for it that your knee will have. It prevents injuries from occurring and when they do occur, it greatly mitigates the discomfort caused.

Brand: Strauss
Item: Knee support
Material: Neoprene
Purpose: General, fitness
Support offers maximum compression
Comfortable and practical
Useful for strenuous workout routines
Reduces discomfort from pain

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