Strauss Ankle Support

No fitness accessory collection is complete without an ankle support, and a good ankle support is what can make the difference between a lengthy injury and an injury free ankle.

The Strauss ankle support, designed from the material neoprene that provides maximum compression and heat retention, is the ideal accompaniment to a physical workout routine. It can counter all the pressure you place on your ankle during your exercising and help avoid a lot of stress on the ankle otherwise. While this is a sure recommendation for sports and fitness buffs, it is also valuable for the average individual as it relieves the strain that your ankle faces on a day-to-day basis.

The Velcro strap makes it easy to make a snug fit and position the support exactly as you would like it. With comfort in mind, Strauss designed the support to seem as if it doesn't even exist when you wear it.
Available in two sizes Large & Medium.
Made from Neoprene Material for heat Retention and Maximum Compression.
Velcro closure for snug and comfy fit.
Provides support against sprain and strain.
Fits right and left foot.
Upper width – 4” with adjustable
Lower width – 3.75”
Easy to use with light weight material.
Box content: 1 PC Ankle Support.

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