Strauss Chest Expander

The Wooden Chest Expander explains it all in its name. As always, Strauss delivers impeccable products that are designed with convenience and practicality in mind, and the wooden chest expander is no different. This chest expander uses three spring cables that offer sufficient resistance for the chest to develop. If you've ever dreamed about sculpting your chest into that of an Olympian, then this is the accessory you've always been looking for. You can perform a series of exercises with this one accessory alone, which trains different parts of your arms and upper body. It's small and portable, making it something you can take with you on your travels. There'll no longer be any missed workout sessions during business trips and holidays when you've got the chest expander with you. Why spend on cumbersome, humongous and expensive equipment when you can simply buy the chest expander? Start sculpting yourself into a marvel with the Wooden Chest Expander today!

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