Strauss Double Exercise Wheel with Knee Mat (Silver/Grey/Black)

The Strauss Exercise Wheel is the perfect way to getting those tight and visible abs.

A versatile and effective instrument, the exercise wheel works more than just your abs - it trains you arms and legs as well, as you roll the wheel up and down. The accessory is simple to use: simply place it on the floor, get yourself into position and roll away!

Strauss has designed this exercise wheel with durability in mind, so you shouldn't worry about it failing to last you very long. Attention has been paid to the handles as well, which have been fitted with comfortable material that offers good grip. The adequate width of the rolling wheel ensures that you'll have a stable and smooth experience exercising. These anti-skid wheels ensure you won't get frustrated.

What are you waiting for? Get your whole body into shape with the Strauss Exercise Wheel!

Available in silver, grey and black
Durable Non-skid wheels for stability
Steel rod with comfortable rubber grips
Strengthens arms, shoulders, abs and back, Trims and tones waistline

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