Strauss Elastic waist support

A waist support can be very useful if you're trying to limit the movement of muscles in the area and improve compression. Waists that have some weakness to them or are unstable will benefit greatly from this waist support. It can also help with those suffering from sprains or injuries to the abdominal area. Of course, the support is extremely comfortable to wear and does not make its presence known. The support can be worn simply to experience the benefits of compression or during activity. The adjustable velcro ensures that you'll have a nice and comfy fit. The triple laminated fabric is extremely breathable and ventilated, keeping the area cool. ● Ideal for weak or unstable waists, sprains, strains, or twisting injuries ● Provides firm support to the ankle joint with gentle compression ● Increases circulation to relieve pain, speed healing and maintain flexibility ● Super comfortable ● Extremely durable

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