Strauss Fitness Gym Gloves (Medium)

If you're taking your fitness regime to the next level, how could you without a proper, reliable and sturdy pair of gloves by your side? This pair of Raptor gym gloves is a fingerless pair of gloves that fits that very description. You already know how essential it is to keep yourself fit and energetic if you're looking at these gloves. Good news for you, because these gloves have been designed with just that in mind. The fabric is a micro leather material that is stretchable and completely free of odour. The gloves are ergonomically padded so that you'll be very comfortable as you conduct your exercise routine. This also lends protection against injuries and abrasions. Easy to use and convenient, these gloves are the perfect accompaniment to the fitness room or gym. ● Fingerless glove ● Does not hold odour ● Stretchable micro leather with a stylish look ● Ergonomic padding for comfort

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