Strauss Hula Hoop

Hula hoop games and activities for kids are super motivating and fun ways to promote gross motor skills like coordination, endurance, balance, a physical, cardiovascular and trimming workout. Easy to use, great for beginners Feature : •massage Weighted Sports Hoop extra large hula hoop for workout exercise teenagers and adults. Great way to have fun and adopt a healthy lifestyle. You can loss pieces, 6/7 pieces is suit teenagers. •unique designs are heavier and wider than traditional beginner hula hoops. The weight of the hoop contribute to the intensity of the hooping exercise. •Maximizes weight loss and improves workout results. wavy design stimulates core muscles, improves weight loss, and provides other health benefits. •Easy to assemble and disassemble. 8 detachable snap button connectors for easy storage. Makes It Easy To Travel, Assemble & Workout Anywhere Function: •Improve Coordination •Increase Flexibility •Add Cardio to Any Workout •Tone Your Inner Core & Waist Line •Enhance Cardiovascular Fitness •Intensify Calorie Burning •Practice Dancing

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