Strauss Nano Spark Badminton Racquet 2 Pieces with cover (Green)

The Strauss Nano Spark Badminton Racquet set of 2 is a high quality badminton racquets that has been designed especially for the beginner and intermediate player. Like all Strauss, it is crafted with the utmost care and diligence. These badminton racquets arrive strung and are attached to an aluminum frame body, which won't show wear and age for a very long time.

With its light weight and comfortable grip, it offers excellent advantages in a competitive match. These racquets are accompanied by a cover for easy and safe storage. Everything you could ask for in a racquet, this one has.

The Strauss badminton racquet is no run of the mill product. Strauss creates its items with nothing but perfection in mind. You won't be left disappointed with this set of badminton racquets, which thread quality, economy, longevity and practicality into one cloth. Do yourself a favour and pick these up!

Set of 2
Green in color
Light weight and dexterous
Durable and resistant
Comfortable and easy to grip handle
For beginners and intermediate players
Comes with a cover for convenient storage
Available in many different colors

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