Strauss Sporty Gym Gloves [Red]

STRAUSS SPORTY GYM GLOVES Protect your hands without breaking your budget. The value packed select glove has strategically placed palm padding to relieve pressure on sensitive nerves and reduce hand numbness. If you're taking your fitness regime to the next level, how could you without a proper, reliable and sturdy pair of gloves by your side? This pair of Python gym gloves is a finger less pair of gloves that fits that very description. You already know how essential it is to keep yourself fit and energetic if you're looking at these gloves. Good news for you, because these gloves have been designed with just that in mind. The gloves are ergonomically padded so that you'll be very comfortable as you conduct your exercise routine. This also lends protection against injuries and abrasions. Easy to use and convenient, these gloves are the perfect accompaniment to the fitness, cycling, riding, or gym. If you're looking for an affordable glove that's actually up to the task, the STRAUSS SPORTY GYM GLOVES fit the bill. They have everything that you need to keep your hands comfortable over rough roads and during long days in the saddle. These ultra-padded biking gloves will soften the impact of your hands on the handlebars instantaneously, efficiently decreasing risk of wrist injury as well as soreness and pain. Super lightweight and breather on the side without padding to whisk away sweat, and a heavy-duty suede for the padding side. Comes in Blue, Grey, and Red in sizes "S" "M" and "L". These gloves are perfectly washable and will endure many uses. The product is highly durable and can sustain rough use. The strap is adjustable, so you don't have to worry about a tight or loose fit Specifications: - Material: Cotton 30% / Polyester 30% / Super fibre 30% /Nylon 10% - Colours: Red/Blue/Black - Gender: Kids/Men/Women - Type: Cycling Gloves, Half Finger Gloves, Sporty Gym Gloves, Fitness Gloves etc. - Size: S/M/L/

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