Strauss Toning Tube

Get yourself into shape with the Strauss Toning Tube. The Tube is the way to go if you want an accessory that tackles the entire body.

Small, light and portable, the Toning Tube is a device that was designed with effectiveness and simplicity in mind. You can carry it with you on your travels to ensure that you don't miss a day of working out. Since it can tone and strengthen any part of the body, it is the ideal companion for a trip, or simply when you can't make it to the gym.

The handles on the Tube are comfortable and offer good grip. Being lightly padded, you won't have to worry about calluses developing on your palms. The Toning Tube is of medium resistance which is a good starting point for the average individual. It has also been designed for long term use and won't wear out any time soon.

Get into shape with the Toning Tube today!

Medium Resistance, Comfortable Outer Sleeve,
Lightly Padded for Better Grip
Toning Tube with Textile Cover
Good Tensile Strength
Good Elasticity to Stretch out Better.

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