Strauss Transy Jump Rope

A jump rope is an incredibly simple yet effective training instrument. It goes unnoticed despite the many benefits it offers and the many different parts of the body it targets in its use. The Strauss jump rope, which comes in a multitude of colors, is a high-quality jump rope that demands to be in every fitness lover's, and beginner's, exercise room.

Made from reliable PVC, the jump rope is extremely durable and will last even the most intense episodes of usage. Whether you use it for recreation or as a boxer would, the Strauss jump rope sees to it that you get what your desire. The jump rope is perfect for those who wish to tone up their body but don't have the time to hit the gym. It'll build stamina, improve coordination and get the heart going. What more could you ask for? The jump rope has it all.

This box comes with a single jump rope in the color blue. It's as simple as pulling it out of the box and jumping away!

Color: Blue
Material: PVC
Durable and wear-resistant
Easy to store
Builds stamina
Excellent cardio workout

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