Strauss Tummy Trimmer Pro

Tummy trimming is a very popular exercise routine and to get the best experience you can out of the routine, you'll want the best equipment. That is the Strauss Tummy Trimmer Pro, a high quality and extremely durable tummy trimmer, a double spring wonder. You can burn off a hefty number of carbs from using the machine for just a few minutes every day. Say goodbye to flab and hello to flat tummy as you tone your muscles and work out more than just your abs - the trimmer works out your chest, arms and thighs too. This tummy trimmer has a double steel spring which offers resistance every time you pull. A great exercise machine to have it off and use for either short easy workouts or long intense ones. ● Will help you get flat abs quicker ● Double spring ● Ideal usage: stretching And Toning ● Material: steel and plastic ● Ideal for both men and women● Light and portable ● Can be used at home

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