Strauss Tummy Twister Peddles, Pair

Want the perfect tummy and washboard abdomen muscle. This takes years and years of exercising and training in the gym and sometimes even that does not help. Stomach muscles are the most resistant to training and it is easy to put on weight and fat there in the shortest possible time. Now Strauss has just the solution for you. Portable and light weight, the Strauss special tummy twister is an extremely convenient fitness accessory that serves its purpose very well. You can use it in combination with other fitness equipment for a thorough toning of your body. You could also use it just for a swift betterment of the belly. Two separate magnetic acupressure tummy twisters to help you lose weight and stay fit. The Strauss special tummy twister is the way to go if you want a simple yet effective way of trimming that waist size down. The twisting action of the tummy twister is the secret behind the slimming. It has two twisting magnetic platforms for each foot embedded in it which emits magnetic waves that assist the slimming process. Strauss special tummy twister design gives a unique and elegant feeling. It's not the same old twister, it's a new technology for better comfort and with a simple twisting action can have a strong effect on the abs. Portable and compact product that you can store easily in your home, office and even carry it outside. We at Strauss are determined to provide quality products and at affordable prices. So go ahead and make your exercise and training routine a lot of fun and twist away the fat from your body. A simple twist does the trick and leaves you feeling healthy and fit.

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