Strauss Super Lite Elbow Guard, (for Youth)
Made from high quality pvc and foam with soft absorbent towelled back. Allows for ease of movement, excellent comfort. The provides fantastic performance and comfort during long innings and been designed for an outstanding fit 2 adjustable velcro straps, it...
Strauss Super Lite Batting Chest Guard, (for Boys)
Made from better quality PVC Foam & Cotton inner material for superior sweat absorption. Shaped to give maximum protection to the chest and kidney region. Pre-shaped with tapered edges for the perfect fit with Elastic straps on top and bottom...
Strauss Super Lite Thigh Pad, (for Youth)
Made from premium quality lightweight low density foam pre-shaped in linen casing with premium quality fabric Allows for ease of movement, excellent comfort and reassurance when facing the quicks Inner thigh guard is a 'professional' players quality inner thigh pad...
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