Strauss Women Yoga Socks, (Small) Pink

₹215.00 ₹399.00

About the product :

  • Toeless Yoga Socks: Exposed half toes socks can feel from the floor, retaining the barefoot sensation, for better tactile feel and balance
  • Hygienic Protection: Eco-friendly Yoga socks, keeps your feet dry and helps prevent contacting with other bacteria or unclean surfaces
  • Stitched heel keeps you secure and comfortable
  • In-Box Contents: Pack of 2 Socks
  • Yoga Socks are Strechable.size- small

Yoga Socks, Light Purple

Women Yoga Socks, (Light Purple)

The non-slip Ankle socks has a profile design that fits right at the ankle, making this an ideal workout accessory for Pilates, barre, yoga, and dance. The arch support band gently lifts and supports your feet.

Available Color : Light Purple.

Yoga Socks, Light Purple

Yoga Socks, Pink

Yoga Socks, Dark Purple

Yoga Socks, Sky Blue

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Strauss Women Yoga Socks, (Small) Pink
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