Strauss Cricket Kit, Size- 5 (Popular Willow bat+3 Stumps+Holder+1 Ball+Carry Bag)

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  • Strauss Practice cricket kit Size- 5 (Popular willow 1 bat + 3 stumps + holder + 1 ball + 1 carry bag) a perfect kit for cricket lover's
  • Bat Grade - Grade A+, Suitable for soft ball Cricket you can use ( Tennis Ball, Leather Ball, wind Ball & cosco ball, Rubber Ball)
  • Made from top quality natural popular Willow,Knocked-in and ready to play and Adhesive tape applied in face and edges fo proteciton
  • 1 piece cricket bat length 30 inches, size 5, bat weight 915 gram& 3 piece wooden wickets length 61 cm.
  • Package Contain - 1 Cricket bat, 2 Bails, 1 Base, 1 piece tennis ball, 1 piece kit bag
Strauss Cricket Kit, Size- 5 (Popular Willow bat+3 Stumps+Holder+1 Ball+Carry Bag)

Strauss Cricket Kit, Size- 5 (Popular Willow bat+3 Stumps+Holder+1 Ball+Carry Bag)

₹ 899/-

Strauss Cricket Kit, Size- 5 (Popular Willow bat+3 Stumps+Holder+1 Ball+Carry Bag)

₹ 899/-

From the manufacturer


About Us

STRAUSS helps you develop a holistic approach towards a healthy, balanced mind and body.

At STRAUSS we believe fitness is a passion and confidence builder. Expressing passion through fitness is a great way to feel alive and engaged in the world - truly the best simple pleasure.

cricket kit
cricket bat

Perfect Fun time in beach and backyard

Tennis Ball
Tennis Rubber Ball for Cricket

Strauss Soft Cricket Tennis balls Perfectly round shaped with standard weight. Made in official Green colors. Enjoy the amount of bounce and flight speed of these Tennis balls that can also be used for your cricket training sessions.

  • High Quality Soft Natural Rubber offers a consistent feel
  • Fine and superior quality, perfect for practice and professional matches

Cricket Bats for All Age Group


The game of cricket is a perfect game to spend some quality time with your friends and family. This game not only develop your coordination but also enhances your endurance and other motor skills. Strauss brings to you Wooden Cricket Set that contains 1 Cricket bat, 1 light tennis ball, 3 stumps,1 holder, 1 kit bag and 2 bails to ensure a great game of cricket. This cricket set is perfect for kids & juniors who have just started playing this game and need a complete set to hone their skills.

  • Willow : Popular Willow / Handle Type: Standard.
  • Flexible Handle to serve Power and Control While Playing Shot.
  • High quality rubber grip for perfect hold.
  • The bat is a tennis bat which can only be used for tennis ball and not leather ball.
  • We use the high quality grip for better coverage of hands and for tighten the grip for player.
  • Available in various sizes for different age groups.
  • Available Cricket bat Size: 0 to 7, Choose the perfect Size as per the Size chart mentioned in catalog.

Premium Backyard Cricket Set

Cricket bat

Cricket Kit

Cricket set

Package Contains

Our Cricket set contains 1 Popular Willow Cricket Bat, 1 Lightweight Tennis Ball, 3 Stumps, 2 Bails, 1 Holder and 1 Stylish Bag to carry the complete set everywhere.

Wooden Cricket Stumps with Bails

Cricket equipment are known for their durability as they choose the right and raw materials for their equipment. Great for beginners and intermediates, perfect to play in indoor and outdoor.

Cricket Kit Bag

Bag is made of superior quality, The bag is very well prepared with perfect dimensions. All the items will come along in this bag itself. The bag will not be harmed anyhow. Made from highly durable material


Cricket bat

Cricket bat

Cricket set

Comes With A Carrying Case

It often becomes tedious to carry cricket accessories on-the-go if you do not have a separate bag to keep them together. To tackle this issue, Strauss Premium Cricket Set comes with a stylish carrying bag that allows you to keep your entire cricket set inside it without much effort. This bag also gets a strap attached to it which makes carrying easy and hassle-free.

Develop Team Skills

Cricket is a team sport. Playing cricket helps your kids to improve their social skills, coordination, and communication with the team members. It also develops physical fitness like essential fine motor skills, enhances endurance and stamina, increases balance and coordination, and improves hand-eye coordination.

Made From A Sturdy & Durable Material

A highlighting feature of this cricket set is that it is made from a durable and high-quality material that offers strength and durability to it. The entire cricket set also has ideal dimensions that make it a great choice for your kids. Your child is able to enjoy a good game of cricket with his buddies and spend some quality time with them.

Detailed Specifications:

Package Dimensions : 8 X 13 X 85 cm; 2360 Grams
Size : Size-5 (For age Group 10-12 Years)
Material : Wood
Manufacturer : Dynamic IT Solution Pvt Ltd;
Marketed by : Merhaki Foods & Nutrition Pvt. Ltd.
Colour : Bat Size-5
Weight : 2360Grams
Model Number : ST-2844
Item Part Number : ST-2844
Item Length : 86 cm
Item Height : 8 cm
Batteries Required : false
Included Components : 1 bat
Country Of Origin : India

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