Strauss Weight Lifting Grip, (Black)

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About the product :

  • Cushions and protects the underside of the wrist, including the pisiform bone
  • Provides stability and support to the thumb.
  • Adjustable strap lets you choose the right level of compression.
  • Helps prevent and relieve thumb & wrist pain.
  • Increases comfort and circulation
Strauss Weight Lifting Grip, (Black)

Strauss Weight Lifting Grip, (Black)

₹ 299/-

Strauss Weight Lifting Grip, (Black)

₹ 299/-

From the manufacturer

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About Us

Strauss helps you develop a holistic approach towards a healthy, balanced mind and body.

At Strauss we believe fitness is a passion and confidence builder. Expressing passion through fitness is a great way to feel alive and engaged in the world - truly the good and simple pleasure.

Strauss Weight Lifting Grip
Weight Lifting Grip

Strauss Weight Lifting Grip

Weight Lifting Grip
Weight Lifting Grip

The open hand design lets air circulate through your hands and grips reducing sweat and slipping. NO BAD SMELLS - Less sweat equals better smelling and longer lasting grips. If For Whatever Reason, You Don't Absolutely Love Your Fit Active Sports Weightlifting Grips.

  • Great Callus Protector. Say goodbye to Rips and Tears.
  • Simply slip on and off as need. Don't waste time with equipment during intense trainings.
  • Train longer, exercise efficiently, and with no pain.


Enhanced Comfort

Strauss Weight Lifting Grip have powerful grip-pads palm protectors offer extra padding and a natural glide on the bar while minimizing grip loss. Made of Neoprene Material and a special rubber material designed for weightlifting and gymnastics movements. Easily Slips on and off. Multi-Functional used as general weight lifting gloves, Crossfit gloves, Workout gloves, Cross Training, Grip Pads, lifting random objects, Pull Ups, General Exercise & Fitness, and More!

  • No hot sweaty hands while performing intense workouts. Excellent air ventilation and soft cushioned finger holes.
  • The cushioned finger holes are designed to reduce pain while providing extraordinary comfort.
  • Use for weightlifting, cross fitness, cross training, machine training, and more!
  • Weightlifting, Crossfit, and Bodybuilding enthusiasts


Weight Lifting Grip

Weight Lifting Grip

Weight Lifting Grip


The ergonomically shaped fitness finger grip pads relieve the pressure on the hands and protect against calluses, skin cracks and cornea formation thanks to the large grip surface.


The workout grips increase the number of hoists and maximizes the training effect thanks to the high-quality neoprene, which counteracts sweaty and slippery hands.


Increased grip during training exercises such as pull-ups, rows or other pull-exercises. Suitable for all popular strength sports such as Calisthenics, Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, Fitness training, Bodyweight training or Freeletics.

Detailed Specifications:

Package Dimensions : 2.4 x 12.2 x 15.6 cm; 60 Grams
Material : Neoprene
Manufacturer : Dynamic IT Solution Pvt Ltd;
Marketed by : Merhaki Foods & Nutrition Pvt. Ltd.
Colour : Black
Item Part Number : KK3935_SF
Item Length : 13 cm
Item Height : 0.5 cm
Batteries Required : false
Country Of Origin : India

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