Strauss Yoga Foam Roller, 30 cm, (Sky Blue)

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About the product :

  • FOAM ROLLERS FOR MUSCLES: Strauss Foam Roller Is Great for Physical Therapy, Before or After Exercise, Yoga, And Massage Therapy. The Texture Roller Helps to Relieve Muscles Tension and Increase Muscle Reflexology.
  • MULTIFUNTIONAL: Recover from sports injury and chronic pain, our reflexology tool alleviates various issues like plantar fasciitis, shin splints, runner’s legs & tennis elbow. The dotted pattern provides a non-slip traction surface and penetrates into the soft tissue, releasing knots, and increasing blood flow at the point of the massages.
  • HIGH QUALITY & DURABLE: This muscle gym roller for beginners or athletes is made of EVA foam which is high-density & resists bending or breaking under tension or weight, providing a firm, deep tissue massage that can be utilized for long-term therapy.
  • COMFORTABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT: The Strauss dotted EVA foam roller is a uniquely soft massager that conforms gently to your body contours, but still offers medium resistance for amazing performance. Our lightweight fitness roller is easy to travel with due to its weight and sturdiness.
  • FOR EVERYONE: Loved by runners, cross-fit athletes, yoga and Pilates, swimmers, physical or sports therapy patients, and those just doing a normal fitness workout. Great for the arch of the foot, or any part of the body.
Strauss Yoga Foam Roller, 30 cm, (Sky Blue)

Strauss Yoga Foam Roller, 30 cm, (Sky Blue)

₹ 749/-

Strauss Yoga Foam Roller, 30 cm, (Sky Blue)

₹ 749/-

From the manufacturer


About Us

STRAUSS helps you develop a holistic approach towards a healthy, balanced mind and body.

At STRAUSS we believe fitness is a passion and confidence builder. Expressing passion through fitness is a great way to feel alive and engaged in the world - truly the good and simple pleasure.

Fitness exercise gym roller
yoga Form Roller

Foam Roller

Strauss Foam Roller
Strauss Foam Roller

Built to last, our solid core, EVA foam roller is made from top grade materials, and won’t lose its shape over time, even with daily use. Its lightweight materials make transport a breeze, and its compact design allows you to properly focus pressure on the affected areas.

  • Relieve discomfort by rolling
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Available in two sizes : 30 CM and 45 CM



Its compact size allows you to target specific muscle groups and pain points. Increase blood flow and circulation to your muscles and soft tissue before and after workouts. Enjoy benefits like decreased recovery time from injuries and increased mobility. Beginners and athletes alike see the same relief from sore muscles, sciatica, plantar fasciitis, back pain, shin splints and reduction in scar tissue. This is a very advanced foam roller, but it’s one that even beginners can use effectively!

  • Decreased muscle and joint pain.
  • Flexibility, joint mobility, and range of motion.
  • Reduce muscle pain and injury recovery time with regular use.
  • Self massage for de-stressing and relaxing after a long day.
  • Colors Available : Blue / Black / Pink / Purple / Orange/ Sky Blue

foam Roller

foam Roller

foam Roller

Durable EVA Foam Material

Rollers made from EVA foam deliver unmatched durability. These “professional strength” foam rollers are built to withstand the type of heavy, repeated use often found in gyms, clinics or Pilates studios

Deep Tissue Therapy

Deep tissue massage works by triggering the body’s natural healing responses, causing a series of physiological reactions that lead to pain relief and relaxation in the belly of the muscle.

Lightweight and portable

They are easy to use on any flat surface at home, park, office or anywhere you may need muscle pain relief.

Foam Roller Foam Roller Foam Roller Foam Roller
Strauss Yoga Foam Roller, 30 cm, (Orange) Strauss High Density Foam Roller, 30cm, (Blue) Strauss Grid Foam Roller, 33 cm, (Black) Strauss Deep Tissue Massage Foam Roller, 33 cm, (Pink)
Model Yoga Foam Roller High Density Foam Roller Grid Foam Roller Deep Tissue Foam Roller
Size 2 sizes (30, 45 cm) 2 sizes (30, 45 cm) 2 sizes (33, 45 cm) 2 sizes (33, 45 cm)
Color 6 colors (Blue, Black, Orange, Pink, Purple, Sky Blue) 2 colors (Blue, Black) 8 colors (Blue, Black, Red, Pink, Purple, Orange, Multi-Pink, Multi-Purple) 5 colors (Black, Orange, Blue, Multi-Pink, Multi-Purple)
Weight capacity 136 kg 136 kg 136 kg 136 kg
Foam Type EVA durable foam EPP durable foam EVA durable foam EVA durable foam
Firmness Great for moderate to heavy use Great for moderate to heavy use Great for moderate to heavy use Great for moderate to heavy use
Uses Ideal for balance, strengthening, flexibility, and rehab exercises Ideal for balance, strengthening, flexibility, and rehab exercises Designed to massage tight muscles, knots, and kinks to reduce soreness Deep tissue muscle recovery, myofascial release, and trigger point massage

Detailed Specifications:

Package Dimensions : 14.48 x 14.99 x 29.97 cm; 160 Grams
Size : 30cm
Material : Foam
Manufacturer : Dynamic IT Solution Pvt Ltd;
Marketed by : Merhaki Foods & Nutrition Pvt. Ltd.
Colour : Sky Blue
Weight : 235Grams
Model Number : KK3735_SF
Item Part Number : KK3735_SF
Item Length : 15 cm
Item Height : 30 cm
Batteries Required : false
Included Components : Yoga Foam Roller
Country Of Origin : India

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