Strauss Yoga Resistance Bands (Pack of 3) and Yoga Foam Roller 45 cm, (Blue)

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About the product :

  • Natural latex rubber - resistance bands are made from thick, durable latex rubber for reliable long-lasting strength
  • Ease TF use and space-saving - small and compact the bands are extremely cost-effective, you can use it to create an effective workout at home, in school or at the gym
  • Made of eva foam, lightweight, soft to touch, rich elastic buffer, surface with massage floating point
  • Also can break up the soft tissue adhesions and scar tissue,Self-massage and myofascial release, break trigger points, relieve tension fascia while increasing blood flow and circulation of the soft tissue.
  • Waterproof,anti-slip,non-toxic,tasteless,odourless,The most popular pilatesyoga trainers, can also do children's sporting goods,swim rod
Strauss Yoga Resistance Bands (Pack of 3) and Yoga Foam Roller 45 cm, (Blue)

Strauss Yoga Resistance Bands (Pack of 3) and Yoga Foam Roller 45 cm, (Blue)

₹ 2,699/-

Strauss Yoga Resistance Bands (Pack of 3) and Yoga Foam Roller 45 cm, (Blue)

₹ 2,699/-

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About us

STRAUSS helps you develop a holistic approach towards a healthy, balanced mind and body.

At STRAUSS we believe fitness is a passion and confidence builder. Expressing passion through fitness is a great way to feel alive and engaged in the world - truly the good and simple pleasure.

Strauss Yoga Resistance Band

Strauss Yoga Resistance Band

Resistance bands can help exercise the muscles of the hips. Besides, it is useful in fat burning and bodybuilding. Pregnant or postpartum women can also use exercise bands to keep fit.

Resistance Band, Pack of 3

Yoga Resistance Band

Resistance Band
Strauss Yoga Resistance Band

At home or at the office, you don't need to buy expensive fitness equipment. Only doing exercise with workout bands.

Using exercise loop bands during exercise helps stretch and strengthen muscles in all parts of the body.

  • Get a cost effective workout
  • Adapt easily for multiple fitness levels
  • Save on storage space

Benefit of Resistance Bands

Add Variety to your Workouts

When you add resistance bands to your fitness routine, your muscles will grow stronger faster. This will help you burn more fat (as it takes more energy to keep muscle mass than it does fat stores) and give you a longer, leaner appearance.

Resistance bands also help you control your movements as you’re working against a force, making you stop when you’ve reached maximum resistance. Yoga exercises at home or gym and it can effectively improve muscle strength, physical mobility and flexibility.

  • Bands made of high-density latex
  • Improve core strength and muscle tone
  • Effectively improve physical activity and shape the perfect body curve
  • You can anytime use bands to work out


Foam Roller

Foam Roller

Foam Roller


The proven durability and superior effectiveness of the Form has helped make it a trusted tool for physical therapists, massage therapists, athletic trainers and professional athletes. The medium density, muscle roller is comfortable to use - making it easy for beginners, but still effective at penetrating the soft foam layer of tired muscles. It's soft enough to use while in pain from lower back injury, sciatica or plantar fasciitis.


Using FORM rollers provides benefits such as decreased muscle and joint pain, increased circulation and flexibility, improved range-of-motion and improved gait. Stop searching for tools and equipment, this is the ultimate back roller message for proper stretching, back pain, balance training, apply firm therapeutic pressure while rolling hard muscles with this classic tool.


Perfect for runners, Cross Fit, yoga, Pilates, dance, athletes, before running to stretch, after workout recovery to get relief from sciatica, plantar fasciitis, strained lower back and neck,calf, legs, feet, upper arm, etc. Stretch overworked and strained muscles of the leg, arms,and feet by rolling during your warm up and cool downs.

Foam Roller


This Compact Exercise Foam Roller makes it easy to pack to yoga fitness classes, on trips or the gym. It's lightweight and portable which makes it perfect to carry along. The portable design of foam roller along with its sturdy construction makes it a perfect exercising equipment. This foam roller goes beyond self-massage techniques. Build core strength and stability with Pilates and yoga movements, its versatility allows you to perform many different exercise variations.

Detailed Specifications:

Package Dimensions : 45 x 19 x 15 cm; 639.9966136998768 Grams
Size : Others
Manufacturer / Importer : Dynamic IT Solutions - DL;
Marketed by : Merhaki Foods & Nutrition Pvt. Ltd.
Colour : Combo With Foam Roller
Weight : 0.64Grams
Model Number : ST-2069
Item Length : 44.9199 cm
Item Height : 14.973299999999998 cm
Included Components : Foam Roller & Resistance band
Country Of Origin : China

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