Strauss Yoga Wheel (Black)

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About the product :

  • IMPROVE YOUR YOGA: This unique yoga wheel will help you improve your flexibility and balance and be able to execute any pose perfectly! The yoga prop is ideal for backends so you can stretch your back go deeper into spinal stretch and relieve any backache.
  • ULTIMATE COMFORT: THICKEST PADDING available, which cushions your palms, feet, and back while in motion, providing a remarkable sense of comfort. Crafted to perfection with the best quality materials and special attention to detail so it can give you maximum performance and flawless results every single time. The wheel is incredibly strong and durable and it can hold a large amount of weight approximately
  • PROTECT YOUR SPINE & RELEASE TENSION SAFELY- RELEASE MUSCLE TENSION from the most difficult areas of your body,
  • THROUGH STRETCHING-. This new, amazing Yoga Wheel is a great way to help you expand your STRETCH LIMITS SAFELY and perfect your favorite Asanas.
  • Excellent tool for rehabilitation,improving balance and body awareness and coordination
Strauss Yoga Wheel (Black)

Strauss Yoga Wheel (Black)

₹ 2,999/-

Strauss Yoga Wheel (Black)

₹ 2,999/-

From the manufacturer

Yoga wheel
Yoga wheel

Product Information

Yoga Wheel (Purple)

Yoga Wheel (Pink)

Yoga Wheel (Purple)

Just the Right Size

The Yoga Wheel is a compact 12-inch x 5-inch size to fit most users comfortably. This is ideal for supporting your back during backbends, massaging hard-to-reach areas along the spine, and aiding stretches without getting in the way.

Comfortable, Durable Performance

The top-quality, attractive design comes in 3 colors suitable for both men and women – black/white, black/green, and purple/pink. Keeping the environment in mind, the exterior ring of padding is made of TPE material that feels similar to a thick yoga mat.

Verified High Quality

Built with an incredibly durable ABS plastic interior, it can hold up to 500 pounds! This means anyone can use it and you are free to experiment with a variety of poses with confidence.

Yoga wheel
Yoga wheel

How to Use A Yoga Back Wheel

Yoga Back Wheel gives you the confidence and support you need to get into deep pain relieving stretches specifically for your upper back, lower back and neck.

Feel the powerful stretching effects of the yoga wheel within just minutes of use.

There are numerous studies that show yoga helps relieve chronic back pain, realigns the curvature of the spine, and improves posture.

Yoga Back Wheel is the first yoga device designed to help enhance these yoga benefits and provide lasting pain relief with regular use.

Benefits of Yoga Wheel

  • Improve Flexibility: Deepen stretches into poses to enhance flexibility, allowing muscles to lengthen, strengthen, and release tightness
  • Improves Balance & Builds Core Strength: When working on various balancing poses, the use of yoga roller wheel will enhance and develop strong core strength.
  • Improve Yoga Level: Master challenging poses faster like backbends, forearm-stands and inversion, achieve and perfect advanced yoga poses in a safe way

Detailed Specifications:

Package Dimensions : 35.00 35.00 13.99 Cm; 1469.99 Grams
Manufacturer / Importer : Dynamic IT Solution Pvt Ltd;
Marketed by : Merhaki Foods & Nutrition Pvt. Ltd.
Importer : Dynamic IT Solution Pvt Ltd,
Colour : Black
Weight : 1469.9922220919043Grams
Care Instructions : Wipe with Dry Cloth
Item Part Number : ST-1804
Item Length : 13995000000000001 cm
Item Height : 35001
Country Of Origin : China

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